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Aftercare products you NEED in your lash arsenal are available at your appointment! Aftercare  products help maintain and care for your lashes, maximizing your investment!


Chrissanthie Lash Cleanser


Chrissanthie is a foam eye make up remover and cleanser. I’ve found foam to be easy to use in conjunction with a dedicated, fluffy eye shadow brush. Cleansing is the most basic care for your lashes. It removes the daily dust and debris that lands on the lash extensions. The tea tree extract in Chrissanthie also fights against bacteria, for a clean and fresh feel!


Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Eyeliners


The Glideliners are some of the softest, highly pigmented gel eyeliners on the market!  And they are extension safe!  I have clients that no longer get lashes and come back just to purchase the liner. They do not smudge or budge and come in 10 stunning colors!


Xtreme Lashes Densifying Liquid Liner in Black


The lash gods have bestowed on us a liquid liner! And is it superb! With two different felt tips for multiple application effects, it's a light weight but dark formula that's easy on extension when its time for cleansing. It is also simultaneously nourishing the natural lashes with rich peptides.

Volume Touch Mascara by

Bella Lash


You are right to throw away that icky mascara!  So why mascara? Most clients use it the last few days before their fill-in, when they need a little lift! Most mascara formulations are oil based. The adhesive we use hates oil! Bella Volume Touch Mascara is made for extensions, therefore no premature shedding!  It doesn’t flake or smear and it's easy to cleanse off!  WIN!